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Parts of Braces


Bands are rings of metal that fit around the molars. The bands are selected from a range of sizes and are fitted carefully. The bands are sealed in position using dental cement that contains fluoride, which helps to prevent decalcification during treatment.

BracketsThe brackets may be glued (bonded) directly to each tooth or to a band. They hold the archwire against each tooth. The archwire fits into a slot on each bracket to hold it in place.
ArchwireThe main wires, referred to as the archwire, are fitted for the upper jaw and lower jaw. Some of the wires we use have a memory. They can be bent and twisted by your orthodontist to fit into the slot on the bracket. Over a period of time (6 – 10 weeks), as the wires return to their memory position, pressure moves the teeth along with it. Archwires progress from appointment to appointment, and the next wire may be thicker and stronger, giving more pressure and moving teeth from where the last wire left off in movement. This gives  the feeling of a ‘Tightening’.
O-ringsO-rings are small rubber rings that fit around the ‘wings’ of the bracket. The o-rings hold the wire into the slot on each bracket. The can be coloured, silver or clear depending on your preference. The o-rings are changed at each arch wire adjustment appointment.
HooksHooks are small attachments on selected brackets, upper or lower, used to attach elastics (rubber bands).
Elastics (Rubber Bands)Elastics are used to assist in closing spaces and correcting the relationship between the upper and lower jaws. They are fitted by placing the elastic over a bracket hook in the upper jaw then stretching it over a bracket hook in the lower jaw.
Coil SpringThe coil spring slides over the archwire and fits between brackets. It is used to push 2 brackets apart, therefore creating space between 2 teeth in the same jaw.
Forsus SpringsForsus springs are a type of functional appliance. They are springs that attach to the upper molars and connect to the lower arch wire behind the canine teeth. Forsus springs encourage growth of the lower jaw, positioning it correctly in relation to the upper jaw.

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