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Emergency Care

At Northside Orthodontics we understand that dental emergencies can occur to anyone at anytime. For this reason we provide our patients with after hour emergency care. If you are in need of emergency care, please call: 07 3350 1133. Problems with your braces can generally be classified as either two things; breakages or emergencies.


A breakage occurs when the orthodontic appliance comes loose or unattached, not fitting as it did originally. If the breakage is not causing pain, we advise that you phone our office at your earliest convenience to arrange an appointment. If breakages are left for extended periods of time, treatment time may be increased and further complications may arise. It is therefore imperative that you do not wait until your next appointment to let us know.


In the event that a breakage is causing pain or moderate discomfort, the best course of action it to phone the practice and obtain our on-call number..

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