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Incognito Lingual Braces

Both Dr. Colin Nelson and Dr. Tom Oliver are certified providers of Incognito

Braces Made Just For You

Incognito braces are placed on the inside of the teeth, so no one will know if you are wearing them unless you want them to. They are the only lingual braces that are 100% customised to each tooth using state-of-the-art 3D computer aided design. Each Incognito bracket is then hand finished to ensure the highest possible quality.  This means that Incognito braces are the most comfortable lingual braces to wear, and your ideal smile will be achieved in the shortest possible time.

Who can wear them?

The 100% customised brackets allow Incognito braces to be worn by teenagers and adults alike. If you can be treated by traditional braces it is likely that you can be treated with lingual braces.

Achieving ideal treatment results can be difficult with aligners, particularly if there is lots of crowding or the bite is incorrect. Lingual braces, like traditional braces have no difficulty tackling the more complex malocclusions.

Aligner systems require you to be consistent with replacing the aligners after every time you eat and clean your teeth. If you are inconsistent with replacing your aligners it is likely that the treatment may not work as well as it should and treatment duration will be increased. Lingual braces are fixed in place and so treatment continues 24/7.

Incognito braces – might be just what you are looking for if:

  • You are concerned about wearing braces that are visible
  • You want to maintain a professional image while getting a great smile
  • You want the best possible result for your smile.
  • You do not want the hassle of having to remember to replace your aligners after every time you eat.

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