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Straight teeth enable you to effectively bite, chew and speak correctly. Properly aligned teeth and jaws can help prevent dental and jaw joint problems occurring in the future as well as giving you a beautiful smile and contributing to healthy teeth and gums in the present.

Orthodontics will dramatically improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile as well as the function of your teeth. Please click on the links below to read more about orthodontic conditions;

Children and adults alike can benefit from orthodontics. Untreated orthodontic problems can worsen over time. They may lead to tooth decay, gum disease, destruction of the bone that holds teeth in place, and chewing and digestive difficulties. Orthodontic problems can cause: abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, inefficient chewing function, excessive stress on gum tissue, the jaw joints and the bone that supports the teeth.

Treating orthodontics problems early may be less costly than the restorative dental care required to treat more serious problems that can develop in later years.

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